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About Rishard


Years of performing experience around the world, has given guitarist/vocalist Rishard Lampese the kind of expertise that enriches his audiences at every show. His mature interpretations of classic popular music is a joy to experience. It's the kind of quality that listeners really enjoy - world-class musicianship at your own local venue!

Inspiration In A Song

A good musician summons inspiration from deep inside, from heart & soul. Their talent projects that inspiration to the audience. The professional artist does this consistently at every show. Rishard delivers a strong performance on guitar & vocal every time. In fact he couldn't give a poor performance if he wanted to. He's just not wired that way.

Rishard Lampese - Composer

Original Musical Invention

 While Rishard performs definitive renditions of classic popular music live, he also has been composing his own music in the studio for many years and has had several of his musical pieces placed in independent film. Rishard has also acted and performed original music in independent film. You can read about some of Rishard's acting experience on IMDB.com

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Recently Caught - 6/3/2018


Cover Tune of The Week

Rishard performs a cover of the Spin Doctors hit "Two Princes"

Recently Caught - 4/23/2018

Rishard Lampese performing the song Mona Lisa (Nat Cole) at a private assisted living community in Patchogue Long Island, NY.

Rishard Live Video

A live video capture of Rishard performing for the Veterans in Northport LI, NY

Contact Rishard: 631-806-4515

More Live Video

Rishard perform guitar and vocal with the band Renegade.

Contact Rishard: 631-806-4515

More Live Video

Rishard performs with David Clark and the Renegades

Contact Rishard: 631-806-4515

Rishard's Original Short Composition Sampler

This instrumental music composed, performed, and produced by Rishard Lampese was created not to fit any particular genre (with the exception of The Archer which is in the style of Renaissance or Baroque music) , but simply to paint pictures in ones mind, or for use in movie soundtrack.

Original Music Used in Film

Written/performed/produced by Rishard used in movie soundtrack. Features Karen Kateridge vcl & Jimmy Yaeger keys/horn arr on Baby Blue Eyes, Ricardo Isaac vcl/percussion on The Night Never Sleeps, and Joanne Tamburro vcl on My Love That's So Hot and co-writer on The Night Never Sleeps and Let Me Go.


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