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Recently Caught

An impromptu request for Stevie Ray Vaughan's Cold Shot (played here in the key of A) - with Frank Bellucci on drums.
The Garden Grill - Smithtown, NY


Recently Caught 1/5/2019

Swinging some Duke Ellington (In A Mellow Tone - 1939) at a local event with the Paige Patterson band. Peter Greco on drums and Steve Belfer at the piano.

About Rishard



Rishard started performing at a young age and was forming his own bands playing out in local pubs and clubs as a young teen. He has performed around the world in venues ranging from small clubs to large stadiums and is versatile in all popular music styles such as Classic Rock, Jazz, and the Classic American Songbook.

Live Audio Demo

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"I've never met Rishard, but I've been listening to his vast body of work for well over 20 years. Even his early work is head and shoulders above the combined work of all but a small handful of other guitarists I've ever heard. In other words, he's a guitarist's guitarist, and he's as experienced and talented as they come." 

- R Lewis (musician)

Video Demo

Original Music

Rishard Lampese - Composer

 While Rishard regularly performs definitive renditions of classic popular music covers live, he also composes and records his own original music in the studio and has been doing so for many years. He has had several of his musical pieces placed in independent films. 

Original Music

Live Audio

Rishard Live Performance Audio

These audio clips taken from a live performance 7-8-2018. Rishard performs classic rock hits as a "One Man Band" with exclusive backing tracks of drums and bass he recorded in his studio. 

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Recently Caught - Various Clips


Studio Cover Tune

Rishard performs a cover of the Spin Doctors hit "Two Princes"

Recently Caught - 4/23/2018

While not performing classic rock hits Rishard also performs a full repertoire of classic standards from the great American songbook. Here the song Mona Lisa (Nat Cole) is performed at a private assisted living community in Patchogue Long Island, NY.

Recently Caught - 7/12/2018

Someone yelled out a request for Tony Bennett so...

Rishard Performing Live for our Veterans

A live video capture of Rishard performing for the Veterans in Northport LI, NY

More Live Video

Rishard perform guitar and vocal with the band Renegade.

More Live Video

Rishard performs with David Clark and the Renegades

Original Music

Original Short Instrumental Composition Sampler

This instrumental music composed, performed, and produced by Rishard Lampese was created not to fit any particular genre (with the exception of The Archer which is in the style of Renaissance or Baroque music) , but simply to paint pictures in ones mind, or for use in movie soundtrack.

Original Music Used in Film

Written/performed/produced by Rishard used in movie soundtrack. Features Karen Kateridge vcl & Jimmy Yaeger keys/horn arr on Baby Blue Eyes, Ricardo Isaac vcl/percussion on The Night Never Sleeps, and Joanne Tamburro vcl on My Love That's So Hot and co-writer on The Night Never Sleeps and Let Me Go.


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